About Us

Our quality policy

Throughout the hundreds of steps of our extract-production processes – from planting the fields to shipping out the finished products – each and every step is controlled and audited Good Manufacturing Practices and by strict inspections by our Botanical Sciences & Analytical Laboratory, our Microbiology Laboratory, and our Quality Assurance and Sanitation Departments. These standard operating procedures (SOPs) include ongoing staff training, herb identity verification, raw materials inspection and inventory control, equipment maintenance, multiple microbiological, allergen and chemical testing, strict sanitation controls, storage and inventory control of finished goods, accounting of all product shipped, and documentation of each and every step.

Our Poduction facility

The 1000 MT per annum raw material processing capacity is equipped with various combination of extractors and percolators, modern and efficient distillation system, reaction vessels, glass-lined reactors, ultra modern technology in filtration and separation, chromatographic columns and dryers to handle wide range of products. The entire manufacturing process is supervised and monitored by the team of highly experienced professionals of the industry to ensure the consistent quality product in the managed time schedule.

Our Quality control

Quality Control monitors the extraction process and when complete, the batch is carefully filtered. The product is then bottled, labeled and tested against product specifications, which include dry solids, odour, colour, phytochemical profile and microbial levels. A final check is performed on the finished product, which includes the review of documentation associated with the finished product Testing is performed in our laboratory, equipped with modern analytical technology. Techniques such as TLC, HPTLC, HPLC, GC and Microscopy are utilized in the identity and quality control of herbal material.